Elena Georgiou

Elena Georgiou is a writer, teacher, editor, and lover of islands: First there was the British Isles (age 0 to 27), then there was Cyprus, the birthplace of her parents (two weeks, every other year). After that there was also a brief stint on Manna-hata. (Two years in a dorm room). And somewhere in the middle, there was six weeks in Sri Lanka where she once sat on a roadside, watching an elephant carry Buddha’s tooth in a golden casket. And now she is about to add the Big Island to her list of island journeys, where she is hoping to get a view of what is at the Earth’s core by becoming a flame inside a lantern floating in the central pacific.

Elena has published two poetry collections: mercy mercy me, and Rhapsody of the Naked Immigrant. In November 2017, she adds to her poetry books with the forthcoming collection of short stories, The Immigrant’s Refrigerator.

Elena takes significant time away from islands by secreting herself in a tiny house in a tiny village 900 feet up a mountain in a landlocked state. Inside, she has a shelf on which you will find various keepsakes: a Lambda Literary Award, an Astraea Emerging Writer Award, a New York Foundation for the Arts Award, a Publishing Triangle Award finalist, a Virginia Center for the Creative Arts fellowship, and copies of BOMB, Cream City Review, Denver Quarterly, Gargoyle, Lumina, MiPoesia, and Spoon River Review, and a number of other journals in which her work has appeared.

On another shelf, you will find the anthology The World Within Us that she coedited with Michael Lassell, and next to that some of the glitter leftover from her time as one of the organizers and participants in the The Jezebelle/GlamLit Tour, in which a trio of women tried to save literature from its middlebrowness, by adding leopardskin prints to their wardrobe and DIYing their own Punk-y, Glam-y, Feminist, 16-city international—she went to Canada!—book tour. Elena is the Program Director for the Goddard College MFA in Creative Writing Program.

As a teacher and mentor, Elena works with students in many different genres. Whatever your project, she will encourage you to mine the details of the world you are exploring, with a view to deepening your work by creating vibrant imagery and delving into the places where risk bubbles up to the surface of the page.

WORK WITH ELENA on your fiction, nonfiction, memoir, poetry, and hybrid forms.

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