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This year, 2018, marks three significant occasions: It is the FINAL Pele’s Fire retreat held at Kalani Honua, and both Elena and Reiko are bring books into the world.  Elena’s story collection, The Immigrant’s Refrigerator, will be published in February, and Reiko’s novel, Shadow Child is coming out on May 8th.

Here is a sneak peek at both jackets, and a final reminder.  Today is the last day to apply for the last Pele’s Fire.  So if you want to join us, let know know now.


Elena Georgiou’s exquisite collection could not be more timely. At a moment when America’s political response to The Other is triggering a national crisis of conscience, these poignant stories remind us of the vital role that human compassion plays in bridging ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic divides. Inside The Immigrant’s Refrigerator, the foreign and the familiar share and trade shelf space. Unspeakable sorrows and distant joys appear in the form of bacon, hummus, homemade bread. Papaya salad. Whatever the delicacy, Georgiou’s secret sauce is the essential goodness of humanity. Citizens of Maine nourish Somali immigrants with handcrafted chocolates. A refugee from Niger comforts his grieving host in Vermont by teaching her to savor Brie. Sustenance acquires profound meaning in these tales of endurance, hope, and the abiding power of quiet generosity.

—Aimee Liu, bestselling author of Flash House and Cloud Mountain


A beautifully-woven historical saga wrapped in a page-turning mystery, Shadow Child explores time, memory and identity, shedding new light on the lives of Japanese-Americans, and how trauma can be its own kind of inheritance. Not since Housekeeping has there been a pair of sisters so intricately linked as Hana and Kei, or settings that imprint so firmly on the mind, from the internment camps of WWII to the hidden caves and tropical waters of Hawaii. This is a stunning story of sisterhood and survival, of healing and forgiveness, and how we find our true selves in each other.

—Hannah Tinti, New York Times bestselling author of The Good Thief and The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley

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