On the Art of Waiting for Writing

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Recently, Beth Kephart asked me to talk about my writing process and rituals, and writer’s block. She shared my answers in her Junctures newsletter. Reading over them now, I find myself wishing to be in that other country: writing. To capture what is coming through in the dark.  And you?  It’s been a hard post-election year for the country, and a hard 2016 for many of us.  What does your 2017 look like?  How will you find a way to … Read More

Pele’s Fire Memories

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“Honestly, I was surprised at just how amazing this retreat was. I expected it to be great, of course, but there is something about this place that opened all of us to possibility, new ideas and joy.  Of course, Hawaii is my home, and working with writers is my intellectual home – a calling that feeds my soul.  But I did not expect to be dancing in the line for dinner or sleeping so deeply to the sounds of the … Read More

Elena, Bhanu and Reiko: A Conversation

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by Heather Leah Huddleston “…for me, the word ‘core’ feels like I am in partnership with my work…” ~ Elena Georgiou Pele’s Fire was birthed from the very core—hearts, minds, passions, and desires—of three women: Rahna Reiko Rizzuto, Elena Georgiou and Bhanu Kapil.  Joined by Black Belt Nia instructor Susan Tate, who will incorporate daily creative movement classes, including Nia, these mentors make Pele’s Fire the retreat to access, to transmute, to move and write from the core of the body, … Read More

The Three (21st Century) Rs

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by Elena Georgiou Every year, I take a week off. Ostensibly, it’s a vacation in Cape Cod, but it always turns into a mini writing retreat. I unplug; and once I’ve done so, what happens? I Read. I wRite. I Relax. Why is it that relaxation in the 21st century feels like a luxury? In my childhood, adults didn’t have to decide to relax. They just did it; exhaustion forced relaxation on them. My family didn’t need to go to … Read More

Returning to the Memory of Wholeness

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by Susan Tate On October 13, after 20 hours of travel from Seattle to Austria (by way of London and Munich) I arrived in Salzburg. My very pregnant daughter was there to greet me and my happiness served to keep me upright after missing a night’s sleep. The last 50 minutes of the drive from Salzburg to Mondsee was especially beautiful, as the lake of the same name sparkled and reflected the foothills of the Alps dancing over the water’s … Read More

Don’t Write?!

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by Rahna Reiko Rizzuto I’ve been thinking a lot about being a writer in this world. Not about the need to raise our diverse voices, or to break down the barriers that keep too many of us silent; not about the role of writers to expand our collective understanding of what it means to be human. I’ve been thinking about the opposite: about how our current culture is strangling art, and how we are letting it. You’ve been reading, surely, … Read More

Notes on Hybrid Forms

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by Bhanu Kapil A few years ago, as part of my on-going research for a creative writing seminar I was teaching at Naropa University, The Hybrid, I spoke with a “Mad Scientist”; actually, I met him as part of my on-going attempt to be the mother of a son in love with volcanoes. We were at the local science museum, where Dr. Warnock was giving a demonstration [he had an unkempt, patched together, clearly home-made “time machine”] on the birth … Read More

Rock The Casbah (Redux)

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by Elena Georgiou First: Take a large breath. Do you know that moment when you are in your Bootcamp exercise class, trying not to look totally decrepit as you struggle to find the right form when the trainer commands that you do endless burpees and then the music changes to The Clash’s “Rock The Casbah,” but it isn’t The (actual) Clash but some session musicians that have been paid to convert Punk into Disco so that gyms across America can … Read More

The Gifts of Retreat

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by Rahna Reiko Rizzuto It’s 94 degrees in Brooklyn, and I am writing in a pair of blue cashmere fingerless gloves. They are a gift from a dear friend – crafted from recycled goodness, and sent from Canada. They are also a shared talisman that connects me to my tribe: a group of women who inspire me, recognize me, support me, and challenge me. Women writers. We found each other in retreat. At Hedgebrook, an oasis for women writers on … Read More